Explainable AI Platform.

Neural Designer is a user-friendly app for data science and machine learning.

It allows you to build AI-powered applications without coding or building block diagrams.

Get Full Value From Your Data

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Neural Designer specializes in neural networks, the most powerful machine learning technique.
Use it to discover relationships, recognize patterns, and predict trends from your data.


Model outputs as function of inputs.


Assign categories to given patterns.


Make predictions about the future.

Text Classification

Assign a category to open-ended text.

Specialized in Your Sector

Use Cases

Discover industry-specific artificial intelligence solutions that fit your needs.


Use machine learning to drive your digital transformation and meet strategic business needs.


Digitally transform your energy company with advanced analytics and embedded AI.


Use artificial intelligence to fight against climate change and to preserve the environment.


Improve patient outcomes and experience through advanced analytics that drives value-based health care.


Tune production operations for minimal cost and risk. and deliver innovative services and quality products.


Drive your demand planning, inventory, and supply chain using real-time customer data.

AI Training and Customer Service:

All our products include customized training sessions for each customer with our artificial intelligence experts.

In addition, our customers enjoy technical support to solve any question about artificial intelligence or help in the use of Neural Designer.

Boost Your Productivity

High Performance Computing:

Neural Designer has the lowest rates of energy consumption of the machine learning platform market.

You will save money when you train your neural networks.

Electric energy consumption (kWh)

Neural Designer is the fastest machine learning platform.

You will save time in training your models.

Data capacity (maximum samples)

Neural Designer excells in accuracy.

You will obtain models with better generalization capabilities.

Model Error (Sum Squared Error)

Neural Designer has the greatest data capacity.

You will be able to load bigger data sets.

Training Speed


Join The Machine Learning Community:

More than 20,000 innovative companies, public agencies and universities are using Neural Designer to boost their results with AI.